The idea of a hoverboard for personal transportation was only meant to be a part of sci-fi films till 1950’s but things have drastically changed and hoverboard is now synonyms with speed, ease and accessibility.

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! This is Tim Allen and welcome to my blog that is completely dedicated to hot electric wheels AKA Hoverboards! I grew up devouring futuristic-sci films and some of my favorite ones are Star Wars (of course!) and both parts of Back to the Future. Now I confess that I have watched both parts of Back to the Future series so many times that I have lost count. Those who have watched the movie will agree with me on how awesome the scenes with hoverboards were. It is crazy how a movie made in 1989 predicted a use of hoverboard in a way we thought to be impossible, a few years back. My love for hoverboard started with that movie and with the recent inventions, it has only got stronger.

It is going to sound cheesy, but this blog is my personal love letter to the emerging world of Hoverboards that I want to be a part of. ?

So, delve in and do leave your thoughts- positive or negative in the comments below. And yes, I am going to further embarrass myself and say – May the force be with all my fellow hoverboard zealots!