Hoverboard Reviews – 15 Best Ones of 2024

If you wonder what’s new and has taken the world by fire-storm in this decade, it’s the much sporty and stylish, Hoverboards. They rule the streets as well as hearts of the daily commuters, who love to incorporate technology into their every move. They are not just the to-go-for-conveyance for the tech-savvy, but are a must have for the collectors of battery-run automobiles and for everyone else who wants to save a fortune on expensive gas. If electric wheels are the future of transport, these 15 Hoverboards have got their game together, just right!

These hoverboards will give you the power to bedazzle the world with the staggering looks, exceptional durability and the speed which will get you into action in no time! Here, we present the best hoverboard reviews of this year.

1. Halo Rover X

Halo Rover is an all-terrainwater resistant, monster hoverboard with the best-in-class performance which will take your fellow-riders’ breath away!

The 800W motor will keep you on the road at an awesome speed of 10 mph, for up to 10 miles in a single charge. Plus, with the Personal Halo Rover Mobile App for Android as well as iOS, you will be able to direct your board from your cell phone. Whether it is switching between the 3 ride modes:

  • Beginner
  • Normal
  • Advanced

or applying brakes, the app has it all! The inbuilt Bluetooth Speakers will make your ride a musical experience. The 8.5-inch tires will never be an issue, as they are indestructible and flat-resistant, and will last for as long as you use the board. The Halo Wings will also ensure its durability.

Halo Rover is one of the best hoverboard and has been approved on all safety concerns and has a UL 2272 Safety Hologram Certificate, along with the trust of Halo, which is one of the best hoverboard brands when it comes to battery operated recreational vehicles.

2. Epikgo Classic Hoverboard

Enabling you to glide over the toughest of terrains, Epikgo Classic Hoverboard is UL2272 Certified, so that you can trust the board for a safe commute across the city. It gives you the power to cover the distance of up to 10 miles with a single charge and accelerates to top speed within a fraction of seconds, so you do not have to wait for it to gain speed before you can get past your neighbor like a wind-stroke.

With solid rubber all-terrain tiresaluminum design for a sturdy built, this is going to last longer and will keep you on road as well as allow you to travel uphill with its 15-degree hill grade capacity. And you no longer have to worry about traveling in dark, as the built-in headlights have got your back! Plus, it is available in 3 color variants:

  • Space grey
  • Rose Gold
  • Elite Silver

While the features of this hoverboard are enticing, the price leaves no room for complaint, as Epikgo Classic is priced at USD 699.99, which makes it a bargain amongst under USD 700 boards.

3. Swagtron T6

Spread your reign across the hilly roads, grass and the rocky terrains with the exceptionally strong Swagtorn T6. The waterproof board has a sturdy built, as it is made up of aluminum and durable shell with UL Approved material. The 10-inch tubeless tires will provide superior traction and grip while you refuse to shy away from the hilly roads with its marvelous 30-degree hill grade capacity. The board is as stylish as it can get with amazing patterns available in three vibrant colors, i.e., Desert Camo (Tan), Matte Black, Pink Camo.

The powerful SentryShield® lithium-ion battery charges in 2-3 hours, giving you the ability to hover on-road or off-road, for up to 12 miles at the astonishing speed of 12 mph. The board weighs 32 pounds which sounds heavy, but when you know that it can carry up to 420lbs., it looks less of a concern as the board is heavy duty and a grown adult can also use it with no difficulty.

You can control the board with the much interactive Swagtorn Android/iOS App, through which you can interact with your hoverboard and enjoy your favorite music with the Bluetooth Speakers present on the board.

4. Epikgo Sport Hoverboard

Now, Epikgo Sport Hoverboard, is what you call an excellent self-balancing hoverboard, as it comes equipped with a gyroscopic, 400W Dual motor, which will make the board run in the direction you lean. The board has passed all safety tests and is UL2272 Certified, letting you enjoy every ride without any worries.

The performance wheels ensure a smooth ride, on-road as well as off-road. Yes, you can go 10 miles per charge, on Epikgo Sport, off-road and even 15 degrees uphill. Weighing 31 lbs. the board is light and you can carry it anywhere without any difficulty.  Though it is not completely water resistant, then again, it being semi-submersible will keep you from getting worried if you cross a water puddle. Not just water, you can rule the roads at the speed of 9 mph, during darker hours as well with the LED Headlights.

5. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Another gem by Razor, a trusted brand in electric recreational products, Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the must go for hoverboard if you are looking for an excellent companion for your daily commute. It runs on a 350-watt motor, which provides it a whopping speed of 8mph and stands high among the reviews of hoverboards. Then again, with higher speed comes the need to be safe, and with Hovertrax 2.0 this should not worry you as it is UL2272 Certified, is made up of shatter-resistant polymer to last longer. The stylish appeal of the board is a plus. And you can own one in the color of your choice, of the 5 variants available: Red, Blue White, Black, and, Green.

It is one of the best hoverboards and has almost everything you can look for in a hoverboard. Whether you want to cruise across your neighborhood or crash at a friend’s place, Hovertrax will make sure that you do it with great style and speed of up to 8 mph. The foot platform is covered with anti-slip rubber with will give your feet a better grip on the board and the rubber wheels are great for bumpy roads to ensure that stay intact on the auto self-balancing board and maneuver.

If you are new to hoverboarding, Hovertrax gives you a chance to get used to it with a Training Mode, which you can switch to Normal Mode once you get a knack of it.

6. Hoverzon S

Thunder across the city with the latest Hoverzon S which is an easy and a safe riding option, which has passed many safety certifications, is UL 2272 Certified and is gaining a lot of popularity amongst its contemporaries’ due to the Aegis Armor Battery Protection, which is a multi-layered shield, to protect the battery from excessive heating and damage.

Though safe, the Hoverboard S doesn’t lack an inch at being fun. Anyone weighing less than 220 lbs. can set out on a spin on it, for a non-stop ride of 11 miles, at the maximum speed of 8mph. The 250 W dual motor ensures a smooth ride, while 5 level battery indicators will make sure that you don’t run out of charge in the mid of the road, but even if you do, the board weighs a mere 22 lbs. which is quite easy to carry.

7. Skque X1

Skque X1 is a hit amongst the celebrities, who are seen using this recreational vehicle on the movie sets usually. Available in 3-wheel sizes (10 inches, 8 inches, and 6.5 inches) and 4 color options (Red, Blue, White and Black), Skque has indeed brought in a good number of variants in the same model. It enables you to cruise across the narrowest of the spaces with its 0-degree turning radius and take a 360-degree turn at a spot. The dual gyroscopic motors enable you to manage the acceleration, rotation, turns and braking with both feet separately.

To use the board, you have to simply step on it, and its 700W motors will let you dash out in no time. You can cover the distance of up to 6.21 miles with a single charge at an impressive speed of 6.2 mph while listening to your favorite music. Yes, you can connect the Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with your cell phone and listen to the music you like. Cool. Isn’t it?

8. Street Saw Future Saw Pro Hoverboard

When it comes to hoverboards, 12.5 mph is quite commendable speed and that combined with the futuristic design of Street Saw is destined to win the hearts of the hoverboarding enthusiasts!

Future Saw Pro is indeed the transportation medium of the future, and if you get one today, it might last till the day they call future arrives because the board is made up of a great quality aluminum frame and UV casing, built to last for a really long time. The 350W Dual Brushless motors are a product of fine German Engineering, which uses the same technology as Tesla Motors. The motors are powered by Extra Premium Samsung cells, which keep the board on road for 12.5 miles on a single charge and allow you to ride uphill with an amusing 30-degree slope angle.

Future Saw Pro with great performance, does not compromise on the safety of the rider, as the board is equipped with low battery indicatorLED lights90 Day warranty and can hold the weight of up to 300 lbs. making it suitable for people of all ages.

9. Halo Go 2 Hoverboard

Halo Board is an established and trusted brand in the Battery-run drones and boards, with its innovation topping the charts every year. Halo Go Hoverboard is also a creation of this brand which is known for the quality it delivers.

Halo Go Hoverboard promises you that you will have a blast riding it, no matter when and where you set out to. The board sports Bluetooth speakers so that you are not left at the mercy of noise in your surroundings and can listen to the music you love by connecting it to your cell phone.

The 500W Electric Power Motor will enable you to stun the passers-by with the speed of 7mph and will keep you on the road till 12 miles in a single charge. It is UL 2272 Certified and is suitable for children and adults above 7 years, weighing between 44-220 lbs.

You can own your Halo Go in the color you like from amongst the three trendy options (Chrome Blue, Chrome Pink, Chrome Gold), which come with the very stylish chrome finish protected by Halo Guards to protect the board from scratches. The 6.5-inch never-flat tires will save you a lot on repairs and increase the life of the board.

10. TOMOLOO Hoverboard

TOMOLOO is a globally recognized brand in self-balancing scooters and TOMOLOO Hoverboard does lives up to its reputation with the exclusive, patented design and features which are a dream come true for a hoverboarding enthusiast.

The never-ending list of features in TOMOLOO begins with the unique app for iOS and Android, which gives the rider a better control on the speed, steering, battery-life and much more. Then comes the unique looks, which are enhanced for safety and visibility with the 8 RGB lights and in the end, the 4.0 Bluetooth Speakers make every ride a musical fiesta. All these features are enough to make you hover around for life.

The feature-packed TOMOLOO does not lack a bit in the performance, as the 300 W silent motors can run at a speed of up to 8 mph non-stop for 12 miles. This 23lbs board can carry the maximum weight of 264 lbs., making it a must go for if you are looking for some fun on the road!

Along with the above, TOMOLOO does not compromise on the safety front, as the board is UL2272 Certified, is built with Superior Quality Aluminium Alloy and uses Samsung 18650 Super-Lithium Batteries which makes it a safer option.

11. Segway miniPRO Scooter

Reigning at the top of the list is Segway miniPro Scooter, a revolutionary product by the leading brand Segway. Not once but many times, the features and built of the Segway self-balancing scooters have set the standards high and made it a challenge for other brands to come up with equally good products at competitive prices.

Built with sturdy aircraft grade magnesium alloy frame, which is light and can carry load of up to 220 lbs., Segway miniPRO will last you longer than you expect. Available in classic Black and White colors, what makes it different from rest of the hoverboards is the padded knee bar which allows more precise steering, which is quite a task when it comes to Foot Pivot steering in other e-skateboards and Hoverboards. The scooter runs on 10.5 inchAir-filledPneumatic tires, which are shock absorbent.

Segway miniPRO is packed with all the features you were looking for in a scooter which will make you rule the roads, hence, you do not want to lose it to thieves, therefore, it comes equipped with an anti-theft alarm. You can control your scooter via mobile app or the Bluetooth connected remote control. The components of the board are upgradeable and you can customize the LED lights too.

The wheels are adaptive of various terrains; therefore, you can ride it indoors as well as outdoors easily at the speed of up to 10 mph for 14 miles in a single charge. The 800 W Dual motor will make the obstacles seem tiny and allow you to ride uphill with its 15-degree slope capacity. The scooter is UL2272 Certified and is easier to balance upon.

12. SagaPlay F1

SagaPlay F1 can be said to be the safest of all hoverboards in the Hoverboard Town. As it has cleared 159 safety checks, is CSA/ UL 2272 Certified and assures you no fire hazards while you perform astonishing tricks with one of the lightest boards on the market.

Though, SagaPlay F1 weighs mere 22 lbs. it is no reason to underestimate its potential, as it will enable you to take a spin in the neighborhood at a staggering speed of 10 mph, non-stop for up to 13 miles. And its 15-degree slope angle will keep you on the road on hilly terrains as well. The alloy wheels and the body are guarded with custom rubber guards to give the board ultimate protection. The advanced omnidirectional movement based design will help you switch directions with ease so that you can go zig-zag and straight, whenever! And if you step into a puddle, the water-resistant board leaves less to worry about on that front.

13. Surfus 6.5” Waterproof Hoverboard

Surfus 6.5” Waterproof Hoverboard is a product of deep research and innovation by Surfus, a brand which started in the year 2013, and since then, is working to bring out the best innovation.

Available in 4 sporty colours (Blue, Black, Red and White) Surfus is a safe option to go for as the design has focused on the protection from fire hazards, therefore has a cooling mechanism, which ensures that the battery remains cool while charging, and the board has cleared many certifications, namely, UL2272, UL2271, UL60950-1; to make it to the market with the guarantee of a safe commute. The 3-level Battery Indicator shows the charge on the board so that you are not stranded in the mid-way.

Surfus, as the title suggests, is waterproof and sports 6.5 inches, aluminum alloy wheels with Non-Pneumatic Rubber Tires, is designed ergonomically with non-skid footpad to keep your feet intact on the board. The 250W dual motors allow you to ride up to the speed of 6.2 mph for 12 miles in a single charge. Plus, the board can carry the load of 44-220 lbs. at a time and can conquer the uphill tracks with 15-degree slope capacity.

14. Spadger Hoverboard

Spadger hoverboards are probably the coolest looking hoverboards you will come across. They are designed to cater to the recreational needs of the kids as well as teens and are available in 7 color variants, which is quite a lot of options to choose from. The design is sleek and built is sturdy and long lasting. The boards are UL 2272 Certified and hence, can be trusted upon.

Spadger will enable your kids to cruise across the neighborhood at a safe speed of 7 mph, and powered with a Dual Brushless Motor it can run for 12 miles on a single charge without any hassle. the hill grade capacity of 15 degrees, will also make it your kid’s favorite.

15. Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard

A true gen-next Hoverboard- Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard is loaded with the grooviest features one can look for. It is equipped with the fantastic 4.0 Bluetooth Speakers, enabling you to cruise to your favorite tracks. Doesn’t matter if you set out for a spin in the dark because it has LED Tail Lights and don’t worry if you have gone too far because the board is lightweight and has a carry handle, which will let you carry the board hassle-free. And you are less likely to run out of battery with the built-in alarm and an LED display to tell you the temperature, speed, and battery life.

The board is made up of Aluminium Chassis with PVC Body which runs on 7.5-inch tires. With the DC Brushless Motors, you can dash out at the speed of 12 mph for as long as 10 miles for a single charge without looking for an alternate route for uphill roads with the 25-degree hill grade capacity of the board.

The number of features might compel you to think if the board lacks on the safety grounds, but, you can shrug-off all your worries because you can connect your board with Genesis App available got iOS and Android, providing you better control and the UL2272 Certification ensures the safety standards.

There you have our top picks for the best 15 hoverboard reviews, enabling you to rule the road. Hope it helps you decide the one you want to make your riding companion. Remember, no matter how safe the hoverboards are, if you are buying one for your kid, friend, or just a gift for yourself, make sure you go for the correct safety gear. And once you are safe, there are plenty of roads out there, that you can conquer!

Best Hoverboard Buying Guide

The popularity of hoverboards gave rise to several manufacturers around the country. With so many brands and models; and each with a different set of features, purchasing the right hoverboard became a challenging & confusing task. That is why I have compiled a “buying guide” to help anyone who is in pursuit of buying the right hoverboard.


Speed is the most crucial factor to consider for most of the riders out there. And if you have competition around your block, school or college, it’s no brainer that you need the fastest hoverboard available on the planet. (Yeah, we need to beat those guys out there!)

Normally, a hoverboard can run from 2-10 mph. Some can even speed upto 12.5 mph. If you’re not into a hoverboard race, you really don’t need to shell extra money for more speed as this isn’t what you will need on a day-to-day basis as you won’t be riding it on the highways. Rather, spending on a hoverboard with a bigger battery would be more beneficial than little more speed in the long run. And, of course, if you’re looking to buy a hoverboard for your kids, make sure the speed limit is no more than 5-7 mph.


The functioning of the hoverboard depends on the weight-shifting ability of the rider. If the board is heavy, it hampers the movements of the rider.

Similarly, if the rider is hefty it hampers the proper functioning of the hoverboard. Thus, measure the weight of the hoverboard against the rider and vice versa for efficient driving.


Range is the distance a hoverboard can travel in one go when fully charged. Typically, hoverboards range between 7 to 15 miles in one go and the ones with bigger batteries can run a few more miles. However, the range may decline over time, depending on the riding surface, rider weight, speed and the incline.

Charging Time

Hoverboards bought from reputed brands typically take a minimum of 2 hours to fully charge. Also, it’s ideal to charge the batteries a day before, especially overnight. Tip: Go for hoverboard with auto-off feature when fully charged.

With this guide, we hope to have simplified your hoverboard buying task.

Hoverboard Glossary

1. Power and Performance

Power and Performance of a hoverboard is measured with the help of following parameters:

  • Power (Watts): Generally rated in Watt (W) or Horsepower (hp). W is the unit of electric power; 1 W is the power produced by the electrical current of 1 amp.
  • Range (Miles): The number of miles a hoverboard can cover with a single charge, is its range.
  • Max Speed (mph): The number of miles a hoverboard can cover in one hour, irrespective of its range and battery, is known as its maximum speed.
  • Inclination Angle (Degrees / %): It is the angle at which the hoverboard can ride uphill.
  • Battery pack: The speed, range, and power of a hoverboard depend upon the battery pack it is equipped with. The battery pack is usually comprised of 36V 4400mAH Lithium Ion Cells, which are rechargeable.
  • Recharge Time (Hours): The time the battery pack takes to get completely charged is known as its recharge time. It varies according to the power of battery pack.
  • Load Capacity (lbs.): It is the minimum and maximum pounds a hoverboard can hold and carry at once. It ranges from 40 lbs. to 300 lbs. usually.

2. Portability

Below are the two factors that decide the portability of a hoverboard:

  • Dimensions: the height, breadth, and length of a hoverboard. They are generally measured in Inches.
  • Weight(lbs.): The weight of the hoverboard in pounds.

3. Design

Various factors contribute to the quality and looks of a hoverboard:

  • Material: The alloy with which Hoverboard platform is built.
  • Protective Features: Shielded tires, board guards are some features which save the board from damage.
  • Colour Variants: Many hoverboard brands have launched their product in different color options to engage the customer on a personal level.

 4. Wheels

Hoverboards consists of two independent wheels which are attached to a platform like structure one can stand upon. There are various aspects about wheels:

  • Size: Hoverboard wheels are generally available in three sizes: 6.5-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch.
  • Material: Hoverboard wheels are made up of rubber and guarded with aluminum casing.
  • Pneumatic or Non-Pneumatic: The wheels in a hoverboard can either be Air-Filled (Pneumatic) or Flat-Proof (Non-Pneumatic).
  • All-terrain Tires: The tires in a hoverboard can be all-terrain, that can adapt to the type of road they are on, and there are ones which are suitable for just urban transportation.

5. Battery specifications

The speed, range, and power of a hoverboard depends upon the battery pack it is equipped with. The battery pack is usually comprised of 36V 4400mAH Lithium Ion Cells, which are rechargeable.

  • Charging Time: A hoverboard battery usually takes a couple of hours to charge.
  • Battery Life: The time for which a battery will last, depends upon the weight it carries, terrain, speed and health of the battery.

6. Motor

Both wheels in a hoverboard are fitted with individual hub motors which move wheels at the speed of revolutions per minute. The power of the motor is measured in terms of watts.

7. Waterproof

Some hoverboards are made up of splash-resistant material and are designed in the manner that water doesn’t reach the electronic components of the board. It allows hoverboard to be ridden worry free.

8. Off-Road/On Road

Some Hoverboards are only suited for urban commute, on flat-roads and tracks, whereas, others can run on rocky and dirt terrains with equal efficiency. The off-road hoverboards are easy to perform stunts and tricks with and have all-terrain tires.

9. Kids / Adults

The hoverboards which can carry low weight are usually meant for kids of age 7 and up. whereas, the ones made for adults can carry higher weights and have more extreme features.

10. Spare Parts and Accessories

There are many spare parts and accessories available in the market with which you can protect, repair or modify your hoverboard:

  • Protective Silicone Case: To Protect the board from damage
  • Charger: For the remote as well as the board
  • LED Lights: To switch to hues you think would make your hoverboard look unique.
  • Remote: Connected to the board via Bluetooth, for better control
  • Bluetooth Upgrades: For better connectivity.
  • Wheels

Before buying updates upgrades or additional accessories for your hoverboard, check if the parts you mean are replaceable or not, and if the new parts you bought are compatible with your board.

11. Motherboard and Sensors

They are the brain of the Hoverboard. The wheels send signals to the motherboard through sensors, so that it can change the direction in which the gyro is working.

12. Warranty

The time period for which the brand from which you are making the purchase is taking the responsibility of any damage to the board. It may vary from 1 month to an entire year and can be subject to many terms and conditions. Therefore, go through them carefully before placing the order.

13. Safety Considerations

The considerations which decide whether the hoverboard is safe for riding:

  • UL 2272 Certification: After many incidents of hoverboards catching fire in the past, it is now advisable to go for the ones which have undergone various tests to gain the UL 2272 certification, proving they are safe to use.
  • Splash Resistant and Shock Resistant: The ability of hoverboards to stand water and maintain the rider on board when a sudden brake is applied or the board hits a bump.

14. App and Bluetooth connectivity

  • App: Some brands offer an exclusive Android or iOS application, that can be connected to the hoverboard to let the rider steer, control speed, switch between different modes, apply brakes and even check battery status on the go.
  • Bluetooth: some Hoverboards have in-built Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to the cell-phone to listen to music while gliding. And sometimes Hoverboards come with remote controls which are connected to hoverboards via Bluetooth, shifting the control and steering in hands of the rider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hoverboards

Is it easy to maintain balance on a hoverboard for a first-timer?

Yes, hoverboards are a self-balancing personal transport, and you will not have to put in much efforts while balancing yourself on it. All you have to do is, step on it using your dominant foot, lean a bit in front to make the board move forward, and there you go! It is as easy as it could get. Though, learning to turn and performing spins will need some practice, balancing on a hoverboard is not very difficult.

Are Hoverboards worth my money?

Hoverboards are the new and trendy way to commute from one place to another, even celebrities are using them. They are cool and fun, plus, cause no harm to the environment. And do not forget that they can save you a fortune on gas bills too. So, they are indeed an investment you will be proud of yourself for.

How much do they usually cost?

Prices of Hoverboards range from under USD 300 to above USD 1,000. It depends on how much you are willing to spend on one. While the ones available under USD 300 are either smaller ones for kids and if not, they compromise big time on quality and safety, hence you have to be daring enough to go for them. Whereas, the ones above USD 1,000 are professional quality Hoverboards and if you are looking for a Hoverboard for recreational purpose or daily commute, there is a huge selection ranging from USD 500 to 800 which turn out to be a great buy.

Which material is best for a strong and sturdy hoverboard?

Hoverboards which are made up of plastic, no matter how strong it is, must be avoided. The best hoverboards you want to go for are made up of Aluminium Alloy Body Frame or UL approved material.

What is the average range one can expect in a hoverboard?

A battery-run hoverboard can keep you on road for as long as its battery has power, therefore the range of the hoverboard primarily depends on its batteries. The range of the hoverboards can vary from 6 to 13 or 14 miles depending upon the power of the motor and the capacity of the battery.

Why do the dimensions and weight of a hoverboard matter?

Dimension and weight of the hoverboards matter because, unlike skateboards, they cannot be driven manually. So, if you are far from home and your board is out of battery or stops working for some other reason, you will have to bring it back and a very heavy and large board won’t make it easier for you.
On the other hand, the board should not be very small, it should have enough area for your feet and other components to occupy.

Are hoverboards very fast?

A hoverboard is usually 3 times faster than the speed we walk, but some hoverboards are faster than that. The speed of the hoverboards vary from 6-7 miles per hour to up to 14 miles per hour, depending on how fast you want it to be.

Is it beneficial to have in-built LED lights?

Built-in LED lights not only add to the looks of the board, as it makes it glow in the dark but also, it makes you visible on the streets in darker hours. In some boards, they are customizable as well, therefore you can have these lights in your favorite hues.

Are all hoverboards waterproof?

Hoverboards are not always water-proof, but it is better to go for a hoverboard which is waterproof, as you never know when it might rain and the terrain or road you are riding on, may have a puddle you have no option but to cross. In that case, a non-water-resistant hoverboard might break down as it has got electrical components in it. But a waterproof hoverboard will allow you to glide on the wet days without any worries.

Can I take hoverboards on an airplane?

Most Hoverboards are approved for Air Travel, some are not. Therefore, you should check for the features carefully before purchasing a hoverboard.

Are they durable and long lasting?

There are various qualities of hoverboards available in the market. They are built with different material and have varying load carrying capacity. The best quality boards are made up of aluminum alloy and some other UL approved materials, which if take proper care of, they can last you for as long as you want.

What are the different wheel sizes in Hoverboards?

The hoverboards are available in various wheel sizes, which are usually, 6.5-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch. While smaller wheels make your board lighter, easier to carry around, it limits when riding on wider and smoother surfaces.
If you want to perform tricks and experiment with terrains, the bigger 10-inch wheels are a great choice, and 6.5-inch wheels are best suited for using your hoverboard as an urban transport. The 8-inch wheel size was introduced to enable you to strike a balance between the two.

Is it okay to buy a hoverboard without app support?

App support is an additional feature which is available in some hoverboards of major brands, which is indeed a perk. Then again, if the hoverboard you are buying doesn’t offer you one, it won’t affect its performance at all. You can still control the gyro motors and the movement of the board by shifting your weight.

Why should I check the slope angle of the Hoverboard?

Earth is not a flat planet, neither are the roads in your city! Hence, isn’t it better that your hoverboard gives you a hassle-free ride uphill as well? Therefore, before buying a hoverboard, do check if can climb uphill. The slope angle of hoverboards varies from 15 degrees to 30 degrees, which you can select according to the roads in your neighborhood or the terrain you are going to cruise on.

What are the additional features most hoverboards offer?

In addition to the above-mentioned features, various Hoverboard brands offer connectivity with an app, specially designed for the hoverboard, so that the rider has the control of the board in his hands. And the majority of hoverboards are equipped with Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to the cell-phone. Through these speakers, one can glide on hoverboards while listening to his favorite music.

What is UL certification and why is it necessary for Hoverboards to be UL 2272 certified?

Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) is a globally present, independent company with safety science as its niche. It conducts safety and quality tests on various products to certify them. This is done to assure the consumers that the product is safe for use.
UL 2272 is a set of safety checks especially designed for hoverboards. It is necessary for Hoverboards to be UL 2272 Certified as, in the past, there have been many cases of batteries catching fire. Therefore, UL makes the Hoverboards undergo various tests to make sure it is safe for use.