9 Tips to Maintain Your Hoverboard

Hoverboards are the coolest of all new inventions, fun to ride and are a great way to leave the onlookers awestruck. You would definitely not want to let them wear-off until you have used them to the fullest. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your ride brand new forever!

1. Clean the Wheels Regularly

Wheels are the base of your hoverboard, and the motors are embedded in them. Therefore, check the wheels regularly to see if there is any dust or debris that has stuck in them. If yes, clean it with the help of a brush or a tool which can reach the middle (not anything sharp). It is important to keep the debris out of the wheels as they can harm the motors and the sensors, which can later make you lose control of the board too!

Plus, always check if the Tires are in the same direction as the Wheel Shaft. Make sure that every part in the tires is well bolted, if not, get the screw driver and set it right before you get going!

2. Don’t Let It Sit Dead

It is better to take proper care of your self-balancing scooter, than later being sorry to have to spend a fortune on getting the new parts. Therefore, before you set out on a ride, ensure that the board is fully charged, if not, it can harm the health of the battery. And with a full battery you can take full advantage of its speed and range. It hardly takes an hour or two to charge the hoverboard, therefore, it is advisable not to skip it. In addition to that, don’t let the battery run out of charge completely.

It is equally important to keep the battery clean, therefore, as soon as your board is completely charged, unplug and pop the battery pack out to check for any damage, burns or dirt, and clean the battery with a dry cloth before letting it in again!

3. Check the Wiring

Your board is a mechanical structure, which is bound to experience some wear and tear through regular use, therefore make sure that you take time out of your schedule at least once in a month to check its internal wiring.

All you have to do is unplug the board, open it and check whether the wiring is neat and tight, if not, tighten the wiring and if you spot any other damage, consult an expert mechanic or contact customer support to fix the flaws!

4. Keep the Board Clean

Get a soft damp cloth and clean your hoverboard with care. It is important to clean it to maintain its shine and keep the body shell intact. Remember to unplug the board out of the socket, to avoid an electric shock.

5. Let It Cool Down!

Hoverboards can heat up pretty easily when they are used continuously, just like your smartphones. Therefore, after some heavy-duty cruising, let the battery of your board rest and cool down before you plug the charger in or use it again.

6. Ensure That Pedals Work Fine

You might sometimes feel that the board is shaking and is not very much in control of your feet. This is probably because the pedals have become lose. Therefore, without further delay, check them and fix them if they are too loose. Plus, you don’t want them to be too tight to steer, so, test ride the board till you are sure that the pedals and brakes are working fine again.

7. Expert Care

You are not an expert when it comes to using mechanical tools, let alone be a full-fledged Hoverboard. Therefore, akin your car, it is best to send your hoverboard for servicing after certain intervals. This will ensure that any wear and tear in the mechanics of your hoverboards are fixed and safe.

8. Store it Well

If you are going out on a vacation or study tour where you cannot carry your hoverboard with you, or you won’t be using it for a long time, store it well. Store your hoverboard in your garage or shed which is dry and well-ventilated to save the battery or motherboard from catching moisture.

9. Don’t experiment with extreme terrains

Some off-road hoverboards are okay to use in grassy terrains or riding uphill, but that does not mean that you can go combat on those hoverboards and ride them in the forest. If you do so, the tires and the platform will wear out soon, leaving you a hoverboard which used to work fine once.

There you go! Above are the top tips you can use to maintain your hoverboard as good as new, forever!