Top 10 Hoverboard Brands of All Time

In the age of rapid innovation, as self-balancing, battery-run personal transport began to conquer the streets, they gave the innovators and trendsetters an opportunity to introduce the world with what new they can add to urban mobility. This gave rise to various brands which have come up with a lot of new features and variants in self-balancing vehicles over last couple of decades. They are competing to capture the market by luring customers with quality and affordable prices.

Speaking of Hoverboards, they revolutionised the way we commute like no other personal mobility vehicle, with the ease to cover long distance without causing any pollution, investing in gas, or getting tired; they made it fun instead! All you have to do is, step on the board, and lean towards the direction you want to manoeuvre in, the self-balancing Hoverboard will take you places!

Here are the handpicked top 10 brands which have consistently brought in the most efficient and reliable hoverboards to the consumers since past few decades.

1. Segway Inc.

When you trace the history of how these battery-run, recreational vehicles came into existence, the first name that you will come across is Dean Kamen, an American Engineer, inventor and businessman, who applied for patent for Segway PT in 1994.

Hence, Segway itself is the trendsetter for bringing in the self-balancing vehicles, then how could any other brand top the list. Segway miniPRO Scooter is the hoverboard by Segway, which is a leading board, which took the market by storm within a few days of its launch. Not only that, with Segway One S1 it introduced to the world the art of traveling on one wheel, which balances itself!

The mantra of Segway as a brand is to give the world with personal mobility vehicles that enable them to commute conveniently, greenly and quickly with panache. And Segway miniPRO is the products which stands true to what the brand promises to deliver.

2. Razor

Razor was incorporated in the year 2000. The brand infused itself in the American culture from the very beginning with A model kick scooter, which is still a leading personal transport. Gradually, it spread its operations and distributions in various other parts of the world, making it a globally accepted brand.

Razor’s products range from snowboards to skateboards. And with the advent of motorised modes of commute, Razor came up with its very own range of battery-run personal vehicles. Amongst the hoverboards and e-skateboards catching fires, Razor is the first brand in US to receive UL 2272 safety certification, ensuring the consumers a safe ride.

The Hovertrax 2.0 is also a fine example of the cutting-edge technology and design promised by Razor. It is one of the leading hoverboards in the market, built with no compromise in technology and keeping in mind the free spirit of the riders.

3. Halo Board

There was a day when Hoverboard was a mere fantasy of a writer, which was later converted into reality. And Halo Board as a brand also believes in innovating and inventing to convert dreams into reality.

Halo Board gives power to the consumers by bringing into the market, simple and easy-to-use, mobility tools. Halo Board came into existence in the year 2005. They began with a small place, and is now a privately-owned company working hard to make it even bigger in tech and innovation.

Halo Board Electric Skateboard by Halo Board, is visible on every street of the city since its launch. Halo Go and Halo Rover, on the other hand are the hoverboards by the brand which became a best-seller and every hoverboarding enthusiast’s dream in no time.

4. Skque

started in the year 2003, and since then they have been catering to the segment of the customers who are on the lookout for some amazing hoverboards. They have delivered their best in the market and in addition to quality products they make sure that every you set out on a ride on your favourite Skque Hoverboard, it is an enjoyable experience for you.

Skque Hoverboards are available in various wheel sizes, colour variants and you can choose whether you want to buy the one with Bluetooth Speakers or not. This is the brand that has made its products with great research according to what customers are looking for.

5. Epikgo

Epikgo Sport and Epikgo Classic are the prized innovations of Epikgo, a brand based in Silicon Valley, California. It promises to bring to its consumers the safest and the most fun ride out there!

Though the concept of hoverboards was not alien to mankind when Epikgo began its operations, but what made it stand out is the all-terrain and durable wheels it used, which adapt themselves according to the road. The brand has established a good name in manufacturing self-balancing scooter and hoverboards in the past decade.


SURFUS is brand, newer than hoverboarding, as it was founded in the year 2013. They believe in delivering their customers with the best design, quality and performance in the safest possible way. It strives to provide the customer the best value for money they are investing.

Their range of Hoverboards include SURFUS B, SURFUS C, SURFUS F and SURFUS S. all of them have got their quality game together with great looks and performance parameters. SURFUS is the to go for brand if you want to get acquainted with the joy of hoverboarding.

7. Street Saw

The creatively named brand, Street Saw, in no manner, lacks in terms of delivering quality self-balancing scooters to its customers. The brand started in the year 2015. It conducts its distribution and selling online and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Street Saw, presently, sells over 50 varieties of Hoverboards, amongst which Street Saw Future Saw Pro and Street Saw Off-Road Monster Chariot are highly popular amongst hoverboarding fanatics, as they comprise of all the features one wants in a hoverboard they can use for life.

8. Genesis

Genesis is the brand which is rooted in New York, and later with its success, they spread there manufacturing facilities in various other states in USA as well as in Guangdong Province, China.

Belonging to the busy streets of the metropolitans, Genesis aims to reduce the time wasted in commutive every day while causing least harm to the environment. Genesis Gemini H1 is the Hoverboard it proudly claims to have put its team’s sweat in because it is an eco-friendly, inexpensive and a quality hoverboard by them.


A brand which was earlier blemished for defective scooters, which caught fire on the road, SWAGTORN did not give up on its operations and reinstated itself in June, 2016 with UL approved e-skateboards, e-bikes, Hoverboards and E-scooters.

Swagtorn has a varied range of battery-run, personal mobility vehicles which includes e-skateboards such as Swagboard and Voyager Longboard, a series of Hoverboards such as T6, T5, T3, and T1; SwagTorn T6 being the latest. Plus, many more which are safer and more reliable than before, loaded with coolest features at affordable prices.

10. Hoverzon

Hoverzon is a brand dedicated to hoverboards. Hoverzon S and Hoverzon XLS are its two products, admired by every kid, teenager, and adult. They are both very strong and sturdy hoverboards, built to last. Hoverzon S being the latest and the new fad amongst the tech junkies, with improved performance and cooler looks.

So, wont it be an easy guess to think that you went through the article to know which brand’s hoverboard you should invest in? then why wait now when you know which brands are the best. Go get yourself a hoverboard now and whizz round the streets on it