Top 3 Hoverboards Recommended for Kids

Kids nowadays, are becoming more tech savvy than any other generation, and rightly so, because they are born in the century which has seen the best technical advancements of all times. Then again, the spell technology has caste upon them is not much acceptable as it is keeping them stuck to the screens. Therefore, Hoverboards are a great way to get the kids rolling in the neighbourhood while they are on one of the best tech-inventions of all time.

Here, we bring you the top 3 Hoverboards which will get your kids off the couch and on the streets, having the time of their lives!

1. Chic Eyourlife Kids Hoverboard

One of the major concern that crosses your mind when you are gifting your kid with a hoverboard is, what if the board catches fire, or the brake fails in case of emergency. And there is nothing wrong in being concerned about your kid, therefore, Chic Eyourlife went a step ahead of UL 2272 Certification and got their kid friendly skateboard UL991 and ANSI/UL 1998-certified too.

The Eyourlife skateboard is designed keeping in mind the kid users, and hence is built with shatter-proof polymer frame. The board is also rated IP 54 rated, meaning that it can easily withstand splash and light rains.

The 6.5-inch wheels are protected with bumpers, to avoid damage from collision and are shock proof. The bright LED lights also ensure that your kid can manoeuvre in the dark without any worries. The anti-slip foot pads and temperature sensors are a plus in the board

The safety features of Chic Eyourlife know no bounds, and this can be named the safest boards for kids without second thoughts!

2. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor is a brand which has set the safety standards high for rest of them by being the first brand to gain the UL 2272 Certification. Not only will the safety certification keep you worry free, it will bring your children a step closer to the future of urban mobility.

While other boards resemble in terms of looks, your kid will stand out in the crowd with Razor Hovertrax, which has a patented design and sleek look. The material it is made up of is shatter-proof and the platform is covered with anti-slip rubber, which will ensure that kids stay intact on the board.

The board has built-in LED lights so that the kids remain safe in dark. It is also easier for kids to learn to ride the hoverboard, with two riding modes, i.e., Training mode and Normal mode so that he can enjoy the board to the fullest!

3. Skque X1

Skque X1 is a hit amongst our favourite celebrities. And that tells you a lot about the superior quality of the board and how safe it must be.

Skque sports a robust Dual Gyroscopic Motors, one for each wheel, which will let your children perform stunts, turns and braking with ease. The board is available with 3 tire sizes6.5-inch8-inch and 10-inch and gives you the flexibility to decide, which one will suite your kids just right. The board has a sleek design, which will help your kid manoeuvre in the narrowest of spaces with ease. Plus, Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, so that you can keep a track of your kid while he is cruising on the nearby streets. But make sure your kid is above 70 lbs. as it is the minimum weight the board can carry.

The range of 6.21 miles is enough for your kid to take a spin in the neighbourhood in a single charge which will no doubt be fun at the amazing speed of 6.2 mph!

Now, if you have kids who need to get some fresh air and a healthy heart, get them a hoverboard and let the world be theirs to conquer. But, before buying your kids one of the above skateboards, make sure that your kids are above 7-8 years and their weight surpasses the minimum weight limit of the hoverboard which is usually between 44- 70 lbs. depending upon the brand you go for.