2nd Gen Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard Review

Boosted Dual+ is a revolutionary electric skateboard which will help you commute across the city in a jiffy. The sleek design, 2000-watt motor and the exceptional range of up to 14 miles will help you whizz out of the densest of roads. The 2nd Gen design of Boosted Dual+ sports an effective breaking system, which ensures safety of the rider.

Plus, you no longer have to worry about carrying the board up the slopes as with 25% grade hill climbing, the board will carry you.

Major Specifications

Max Speed:22 mph
Range (per charge): Standard Battery: 6 miles Extended Battery: 12 miles
Power: 2,000 Watts
Weight: 14.7-15.5 lbs
Wheel Size:80mm Orangatang Kegel wheels
Size/Dimension (LxWxH):38 x 11 x 5.8 inches
Material:  Bamboo Deck
Warranty:   6 Months
Remote Control: YES
Uphill Climbing Capacity:  25% GRADE HILL CLIMBING


Boosted Dual+ is made up of 100% Bamboo Deck, custom designed by Loaded, which makes it durable, flexible and perfect for the snappy start to your first ride. The board will provide you with the required suspension on the bumps and grip on the road while taking a turn. The Extra Traction Grip on the top of the deck keeps your feet in the right place at all times.

The 80mm Orangatan Kegel Wheels ensure a hassle-free commute as they are designed using urethane formula, which keeps them on the ground and flexes them on uneven terrain. The wheels can tread over almost any type of urban terrain and slope.

What more you can expect from a skateboard is the ease of carrying it, and Boosted Dual+ won’t leave you looking for options when it comes to a sleek and light-weight design. As depending upon the battery type, it weighs 14.7-15.5 lbs, with the dimensions of 38 x 11 x 5.8 inches, which make it easy to carry.

The deck and wheels are of great quality and are worth every penny you spend as the durability of the sturdy Boosted Dual+ will never let you down.

Power and Performance

The superb 2000-watt Brushless Motor is powerful enough to give your ride an exhilarating speed of up to 22 Miles Per Hour, while you can control your movement with the Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Remote, which keeps the control of the board in your hands. And you no longer have to shy away from a ride uphill on the skateboard as Boosted Dual+ will easily help you glide through that with 25% Grade Hill Climbing. It comes equipped with powerful and Responsive Braking System which minimises all the potential risks of high speed.

Another important feature in a E-skateboard is the Range it offers, i.e. the distance you can cover when you charge the batteries once. The beginners can embark on their first Boosted Dual+ ride with a standard battery which will keep you on the road for 6-7 Miles and once you are confident enough to cover longer distances, the extended battery can get you through 12-14 Miles easily.

Is Boosted Dual+ Safe?

  • Yes, Boosted Dual+ is designed with keeping rider’s safety in mind. The ultra-fast speed can turn out risky if not for the Regenerative Braking system it is equipped with. You can easily use the high-performance, Bluetooth enabled remote control to apply breaks, or even switch between different speed modes as you feel right.
  • With 4 Ride Modes, this becomes a great choice for beginners who can begin with 11 mph speed and the gradually attain expertise and up their level to 22mph.
  • The 80mm Orangatan Kegel Wheels are specially designed in hourglass shape with the use of urethane formula to flex over bumps and hole grip to the ground while taking turns.
  • The Extra Traction Grip Tape, installed on the deck will keep you on the skateboard even on the bumpiest of rides.

Is Boosted Dual+ Worth the Cost?

Boosted Dual+, no doubt, comes for a whopping price of $1499, but once you set out for your first ride on it, its exhilarating performance will nullify the spending in your head. It comes with a warranty of 6 months from the manufacturer and one month guarantee, which shows the trust of the manufacturer on the product’s quality and speed. The pack comes with everything you will need to hit the road, with a Wireless Remote, USB Charging Cable for it, a Charger for the board and a user manual.