10 Reasons Why Electric Skateboards Are Better Than Normal (Non-Electric) Skateboards

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a newcomer to the eSk8 (and skateboarding) world – and was even more confused by the skating jargon. When I got on my first Longboard years ago, I had no idea how much muscle memory and work they required. Yes, it took a few hours of looking like a wobbly goof the first times I stood on one (you remember those days)… and yes, it was sometimes hard to stick with it and I wanted to give up on more than one occasion.

You know what I mean when I say the sheer freedom I felt, once figuring out how to ride without bailing, was bar none. You’ve been there – you know exactly what I’m talking about. So imagine how balls-to-the-wall I felt the first time I mounted an electronic skateboard. (Jesus!)

For all of the things that are right with standard boards, I’m on the side of riders who say that E-Skateboards are better. Here’s just a short list why:

1. Enjoy Yourself

When you’re in the driver’s seat (figuratively speaking), you have to focus on the road and incoming traffic. Centering on the road and only the road takes away from the pure pleasure of travelling. (Maybe that’s why I secretly haven’t gotten my driver’s license yet.)

When you’re riding electric, you don’t have to worry about focusing that hard. Yes, keeping an eye out on things is something you still have to do, regardless, but eSk8s give you more opportunities to look around you and smell the roses (figuratively speaking) as you’re riding.

2. Commuting

Nobody needs to tell us that gas prices are at an all-time insanity level. While skateboards offer a “magical” gas-saving transportation opportunity… There’s still the grunt-work of mindlessly pushing your way to work as the coffee kicks in.

This is another reason why eSk8boards are phenomenal: They do all the leg work for us when it’s time to take the (admittedly slow) work commute. Not only does it do the “work”, it saves the environment (since there’s no gas being used), saves you money (no gas fuel to buy), and gets you to work quicker (since there’s no traffic jam or long waiting line). (These are also great reasons for taking your board down to the store when you run out of bread, eggs, milk, etc.)

3. Brakes

The braking system on an e-board is by far more effective than braking on non-powered boards. That’s why they’re a lot safer than regular skateboards. Quite literally, all you have to do is push a button – as the remote control you hold controls whether the board stops or goes.

My experience with braking on standard skateboards is to twist my ankle as I suddenly throw my weight under myself. (You know what I’m talking about. How fun is it? Not very.)

4. Charge Anywhere

Whether you’re skating or riding, both the distance and speed you go depends on your fitness level. Which can be a real drag when you have somewhere to be at a specific time. Luckily, eSk8s can be charged anywhere at anytime whenever the battery level is low. So you can stop in at a coffee shop, plug it in, do some web browsing for half an hour, and you’re good to go for a few more miles.

(One of the downsides of fully-depleted batteries is they take 2-4 hours to fully charge.)

5. Uphill Ease

One reason I love electric longboards most is that they make skating uphill so mind-blowingly easy. Do you enjoy pushing up hills? (I don’t.) While yes, the inclination angle you can skate depends on your weight and the board’s motor wattage, I still love electric longboards because they require no effort (except the push of a switch) to make it up hills. Being able to do this, though depends entirely on how much you know about your e-skateboard’s motor.

6. Look Like A Boss

Anyone who’s anyone is used to seeing skateboarders; we’ve been around for ages. eSk8s haven’t – they’ve been around for the past several years or so, and although they’re becoming increasingly common (with the rise of Hoverboards), seeing them on a day-to-day basis is rare.

That’s why anybody who is seen riding one is undeniably awesome. It’s hard NOT to feel like a badass when you’re riding one, regardless, but to be the actual center of attention in peoples’ day is a feeling that’s hard to beat.

7. Technology Is Awesome

It’s a matter of fact that a motorbike will be faster than a pedal bike. This is because the motor accelerates you faster much easier than your legs can. This theory holds up when you see that an eSk8 will always be faster than pushing. In the same way that pushing will make you faster than walkers, you can get to where you want to be in a shorter time.

8. Technology Is (Still) Awesome

Just as climbing up hills are fun, there’s only one reason we climb those hills: to go down them. When you’re riding Longboard down a hill, you’re going as fast as gravity will take you. When you go electric, though, you have the additional factor of the power wattage of the motor chugging you along – pushing you down that hill, making you go a heck of a lot faster and have a lot more FUN.

9. Safer

Premium E-Skateboards come with regenerative braking, which is a process most brushless hub motors use for braking. Now, it’s generally accepted that hub motors are more efficient and safer than belt motors. But what everyone can agree on that regenerative braking (which is jargon for ‘automatic’ braking) is a lot safer than using your feet or bodyweight to slow down.

This is because electric skateboards use a remote control (which you’ll always hold) to move or stop. You are always in control and physics be damned.

10. Speed

By far, for me the best thing about the higher end eSk8s is their speed. Quite a few of them go over 20mph, which doesn’t sound that fast… until you get on an e-skateboard and actually go that fast.

It’s hard to describe being able to constantly go that fast for miles and miles down deserted streets, with no effort. The world truly does seem to fall at your feet.


This list is by no means exhaustive, and is a personal list of reasons why I find E-skateboards better than normal/regular skateboards. With these reasons out of the way, let’s take a look at a list of top eSk8s.

For all the fun E-Skateboards provide, it’s worth remembering that the going price for some of these premium puppies sets you back a pretty penny. (Some sell for over $1000.00.) Then again, it’s also worth remembering the timeless adage “You can’t put a price on happiness.”