6 Reasons Why Hoverboards Are Better Than Any Other Urban Mobility Vehicle

‘Back from the Future’, hoverboards are the new sensation of the century! They are trendy and stylish. Then again, this might not sound like good enough reason to invest in hoverboards when there is a plethora of promising urban mobility vehicles lined up before you. So, here are some reasons why Hoverboards are better than others.

1. Anyone Can Ride Them

E-skateboards, though are cooler on any standards, they are not for the professionals who want to commute to office, or grown individuals shopping in the mall. They are not meant for the generation which is subtler. Whereas, no matter if you are a professional, a teenager or a mom, you can ride a hoverboard. Whereas, E-skateboards are mostly for skateboarders, kids and teens, they cannot be ridden by everyone.

2. Hoverboarding Is Comparatively Easier to Learn

Skateboarding is a quite a difficult skill, it takes a lot of efforts to master the art, but hoverboarding is comparatively easier. To become one who can glide across the streets on a platform-on-wheels, all it needs is a knack to stand steady on the board, which balances itself as you lean in the direction you want. The gyroscopic motors and weight sensors have got all your movements covered. Trust us, you will leave many dumbstruck and impressed!

3. Your Favourite Celebrities Love Them!

Your favourite celebrities who are your fashion gurus, style icons and even healthcare experts sometimes are not just using them, but loving them. Their social media accounts are the clear witnesses of this hoverboard frenzy!

While no other such innovation could leave such impact.

4. They Are Safer

Indeed e-skateboards and scooters are also safe, but you can never go wrong with a platform-on-wheels which can balance itself, is equipped with movement sensors, gyroscopic motors and foot pads for better control and steady grip on the board.

Some states have banned e-skateboards for public use because of the lack of on-road discipline due to them, while there is no such restriction regarding the use of hoverboards. Even cops use them.

5. Hoverboards Are Easier to Store and are Portable

If compared to e-scooters, hoverboards do not require a separate space to be stored. They can be stored in any well-ventilated and dry storage area, whether in the shelf of your garage or shed, you can store them anywhere.

Hoverboards weigh between 20-30 lbs., which is equal to the weight of e-skateboards, but is much less than that of e-scooters which are bulky and heavy in terms of portability. Most Hoverboards come with a carry-handle which makes it easier to carry them around if they run out of charge on the way. Plus, they are also approved for air travel, meaning, if you are moving to another state, you can carry them with you on the flight, which is next to impossible in case of an e-scooter.

6. They Use Better Technology

While in case of e-scooters with handles and skateboards, it depends on the rider’s skills to control the board, anyone who can stand steady on a hoverboard can control it. Hoverboards use the most intelligent technology of all, which involves sensors receiving signals from the foot pads about the direction in which the rider is leaning and thence, the motherboard directs the wheels in that direction. It is like they take you in the direction you desire.

It would not be a wild guess to think that you went through the article because you are looking to buy a self-balancing, personal transport. The above points will definitely focus the spotlight on hoverboards, as they are indeed better than the rest.