Top 5 Electric Skateboards For Heavy Weighters in 2019

You love riding Electric Skateboards. I love riding Electric Skateboards. These days, they are personally one of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It seems like everybody (with cash to spend) is riding them, and with good reason: they are simply a blast. If you’ve ever ridden one (or a regular skateboarder), you know what I’m talking about. Shredding at high speeds makes you feel free in ways that’s unmatched, whether you’re riding a popular or unpopular eSk8.

Sadly, a lot of boards can’t carry more than 220 lbs. (Imagine my surprise when I went to doctor for a check-up and learned that I was 207lbs.!) While some electric skateboards can handle that much, a lot usually start moving at slower speeds and travel for far less miles.

Today, we’re going to take a look at 5 Electric Skateboards that were specifically designed for heavier people. These boards were featured previously, and were cherry-picked specifically because they carry a lot of weight.

1. Swagtron Voyager 42″ Electric Longboard With Remote Control

Let’s start off this list of phenomenal boards with an absolute monster: the Swagtron Voyager 42” Longboard. (Doing a bit of math shows us how this longboard is longer than three ft.) Thanks to its dual 350W motors (500W total), you’re looking to go up to 15mph for a total of 15 miles total distance.

But those details aren’t why we’re here. No, what we care about is how much the Voyager carries. Are you ready? Swagtron’s Voyager “beast” carries up to a jaw-dropping 330lbs. What makes this even more remarkable (if such a thing is possible) is that it weighs only 19 lbs. Swagtron designed this board to carry so much by using eight layers of Canadian Maplewood and dual layers of bamboo. (In case you don’t know, bamboo is a great choice because it is one of the most endurable materials out there.)

2. Halo Board

Halo Board Electric 3What can be said about Halo Board that hasn’t been said before? Known virtually all around the world as one of the “big dogs” of the electronic transportation industry, Halo Board makes hoverboards, electric skateboards, and drones. (Plus, all of their products are not only UL certified and have Bluetooth tech… they look cool.)

Their eSk8 clocks out at 22mph maximum, can take you as far as 12 miles on a single charge, and comes packed with a 3000W motor. At only 14 lbs., it can carry up to 286 lbs.

3. Koowheel D3M Longboard Electric Skateboard

Here’s something about Koowheel’s D3M Longboard eSk8 that’s just beautiful: it has 2 battery packs. A lot of boards have only one battery pack. What this means is that you can travel an incredible 37 miles total.  

When you do the math, just one battery takes you 18 1/2 miles – which is the standard distance for most eSk8s. Imagine where you can go in town when you can travel 37 miles. Even travelling over 20 miles is an incredible feat.

(NOTE: The D3M has two modes – one intended for leisurely strolls/distances, and one for speed demons. The mode that technically can ride for 37 miles is the mode that’s meant for speed demons. You may not be able to ride that far, as this mode requires a lot of “juice” from the battery to reach satisfying top speeds this board is capable of.)

Far as I’m concerned, it is a true bargain considering how far you can go and how much weight it carries. (Even more awesome than that is this board provides all of that while weighing itself around 17 lbs.)

4. Acton Blink QU4TRO

Acton is no stranger to the electric skateboard industry. In fact, they have four boards in the “Blink” series – all which are fine boards. But they don’t hold up to the QU4TRO when it comes to heavy weighters.

First, let’s talk specs. This baby rides top speeds of 23mph and rides for a maximum of 22 miles. When the battery runs out, the QU4TRO needs only 3 hours to fully recharge. This is a staggeringly-short amount of time, considering how huge this electric skateboard is. (Least of all considering the motor pumps out a roaring 1600W.) At just 17 lbs. itself, the Acton Blink QU4TRO carries up to 280lbs. maximum.

5. Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard

Let’s get this out of the way: this eSk8 carries a stunning 275lbs. max. So you should have no problem whatsoever riding it; additionally, its regenerative braking feature makes braking more faster/effective when things get out of hand.

The reason for this extreme weight-carriage is due to the board’s construction. It is made from a combination of bamboo and Maplewood. If you know anything about wood, you’d know these two materials are one of the heaviest and most durable on the market.

If you want a board with a 3600W motor, this is perfect for you. However, expect to travel no faster than 18mph and travel up to 12.5-13 miles maximum. This board was designed for heavy people, not speed demons.


It’s important to keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive. However, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find high quality eSk8boards (at reasonable prices) that carry so many pounds per board. Remember, these were specifically designed for heavier-set people who may have problems going faster on other, more popular electric skateboards. I’m sure you’ve noticed that a lot of these boards can travel over 15 miles. Although this is only a guide, if you see a board you like it’s wise to do more research to find out whether it truly is the board that’s made for you.