Airwheel S8 Segway-Style Scooter Review

When Airwheel decided to put a “bicycle seat” on their Hoverboards, the game changed. (That isn’t hyperbole in the least.) Whether Airwheel was the first to make this innovation or not isn’t important: no, what is important is that the decision to do this created what we now know as the “Segway-style Scooter.” Whereas most Hoverboards and Segways require you to stand while you’re riding them, Airwheel decided to do things different. They probably thought “How can we make Hoverboards more fun and enjoyable?”

Enter: the bicycle seat. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes the Airwheel S8 unique among the competition.

Weight and Carrying Capacity

Although pictures and videos of the Airwheel S8 make it look heavy, don’t worry: it’s only 31 lbs. total (16 kgs.) and incredibly easy to lift – especially if you’re used to lifting heavier things (such as air conditioners, couches, etc.) While it’s true that, 31 lbs. is no picnic especially if you aren’t used to lifting (I personally struggle with lifting anything over 20 pounds for more than a few minutes), it’s also true that lifting the S8 will make you stronger because of its weight. So there is literally no downside to carrying this thing around even when you don’t need to, or are short of a few dumbbells.

As much as the S8 weighs, you’d be surprised to learn that it can carry a maximum of 220 lbs. (100 kgs.) with no problem. If you happen to weigh any less then the S8 is going to start moving slower and slower to adjust and is not recommended.

Top Speed

With a maximum speed 11 mph (17 km/h), the S8 Segway-style Scooter is fast – especially when you reach this top speed. (Most premium scooters on the market top out between 11-13 mph, and rival Hoverboard speeds reach between 8-10 mph.) While this may not be fast enough for “speed freaks”, self-balancing electric scooters should be enjoyed at whatever speeds the rider feels comfortable – Airwheel above all keeps their customers’ levels of fun in mind in everything they design.

Battery and Safety Features

What’s really an upgrade when it comes to the S8 is its’ battery system. It has battery protection boars surrounding its dual backup system. This type of “redundancy” means when one part of the “machine” breaks down or malfunctions, the other part operates normally while the failed system auto-repairs itself.

When it comes time to fully recharge the battery, expect a total time on 180 minutes (3 hours). However, Airwheel states on their site that the board is charged 80% after only 2 hours. Don’t worry if this time seems long – it’s nearly the average charge time of other Hoverboards and electric scooters on the market.

Where the Airwheel S8 stands out among the competition is its Maglev motor: which is advertised to make the S8 more powerful while consuming lower energy. Why this is so important for you to know is because the dual-capacity 260 WH Panasonic XXL battery park is largely responsible for giving the Maglev motor the “oomph” it needs to take you the distance, for a longer amount of time.

Airwheel went above and beyond the call of safety when they made the S8 Segway-style Scooter. Not only is it equipped with battery equalisation, but there is also state-of-the-art short-circuit protection, overheating temp. protection and overcharge protection.

That means the S8 is kept from overheating while you’re riding, it’s kept from short-circuiting, and from overcharging whenever you’re charging the device. These steps to ensure maximum safety make me feel confident about owning the S8.


Let’s talk about one of the biggest “goodies” you’ll get: the ability to ride on paved and unpaved terrain. Thanks largely to the 10” pneumatic-air inflated tires, you’ll have no problem rolling over off-road, such as gravel and hiking paths – in addition to riding on paved roads and driveways. (For those so inclined—pun intended—you can expect to climb 15° inclines with no problem. Any higher and you’ll find the S8 struggling to chug along.)

Airwheel wouldn’t put a seat on their products if they wanted their customers to be uncomfortable. Which is why their decision to put a leather-bound saddle (made of premium materials) was a good one. The operating rod (which the seat sits on) is adjustable to fit you whether you’re short or tall.

Another smart decision was their material choice for their “pedals.” The pedals themselves (the platform you use your feet to steer) are designed to specifically keep your feet from slipping. The platform pedals are made of rubber, which absorb any minimal shocks you’ll encounter on your travels – ensuring your upright balance along the way.

Now, let’s talk about what makes the S8 durable and so cool looking. The Magnesium alloy frame is instrumental in keeping this (admittedly hefty and clunky) scooter as agile and ease-of-maneuverability as possible.

Aside from the LED lights most of the market’s machines have, Airwheel made a wise decision installing a parking light in their S8 products. This safety feature is incredible to have, as it lets people behind you know whether you’re parking or not. (Which is a life-saving feature if you plan to be the kind of rider who enjoys nighttime adventures with this thing.)

As is the case with most electric travel devices, the Airwheel S8 comes with an app for your Smartphone that you can download. Once you do, you can monitor the speed of the S8, as well as battery levels and total distance ridden.


If you want to have all the pleasures of riding a top-of-the-line Hoverboard, without the trouble of standing tall the entire ride, then an Airwheel S8 is a smart investment this Summer. As you’ve seen, it has a plethora of safety features that keep riders safe – and is something I personally am going to pick up for my family this Summer.

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