Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard Review

Most self-balancing electric scooters released today aesthetically resemble each other. Which is fine, as there isn’t a lot of room for experimenting with design. Plus, the adage “don’t fix what isn’t broken” comes to mind, and it’s clear by Hoverboards’ popularity that people simply love the look of them.

Genesis, however, decided to take things up a notch when they designed their H1 Gemini Hoverboard. Look at it! There is virtually no other board on the market that looks like it. (Would an “alien spacecraft” be an adequate description? In a good way.)

In a market where almost every Hoverboard looks the same, the H1 Gemini looks like a breath of fresh air. Take a look at it for yourself – does the middle “console” appear on any other Hoverboard?

This isn’t purely for design’s sake – oh no. The H1 Gemini is “composed” of three sections. The middle section holds the replaceable battery, which is a trustworthy Samsung battery. Most Hoverboards position their batteries by one of the wheels – so placing it in middle is a wise choice by Genesis. The left and right sections hold the electronics, motors and of course wheels (which are 7.5”, making them adequate for sharp turns and “tight” corners. Perfect for anybody who likes performing “tricks” on self-balancing scooters).

One reviewer on Amazon went so far as to say it only took 15 minutes (thanks to a rolling office chair) to completely adjust to the motor skills of mounting and riding a Hoverboard. Thankfully, a host of generous people made a plethora of “riding tutorials” on YouTube that are worth checking out if you haven’t already. These are incredibly useful for people who aren’t used to stepping on/off and riding Hoverboards.

However, another reviewer noted that the foot pedals didn’t always activate when her daughter mounted the board. While she was riding, one “pedal” stopped working abruptly and “shot” her to the floor of her home. While it’s obvious their particular unit malfunctioned, Genesis states that each H1 Gemini Hoverboard can be returned for replacement motherboard and motors as long as they’re returned within the 1-year warranty.

The reason many Hoverboards caught fire when they were introduced to the public (in 2015), is due to manufacturers installing low-quality (poor) Lithium ion batteries. Various “sheets” of Polypropylene separate each cell of battery packs. However, as a lot of people “crashed” and “wrecked” their boards, on impact these Polypropylene sheets “burst,” resulting in the flames. In many cases, fires and electrical accidents were a result from charging the battery past its maximum capacity – literally “stuffing” it with much more voltage power than it could handle.

Imagine filling up a cup with water. At some point, the cup cannot hold any more water – and when we fill up the cup past its holding point, the water overflows. The same theory applies to any Lithium-ion battery.

Even though Genesis passed the industry-standard electrical and safety tests, and even installed a battery monitor to make sure the battery isn’t overcharged – you still need to keep an eye on your Hoverboard while it charges. Doing so prevents any accidents to your board, potentially destroying it in the process. As with any electric device, it should not be left unattended. The battery itself takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge.

As the charger output is 42VDC2A, buying a high-quality charger is a must. Since the H1 Gemini Hoverboard is UL2272-certified (and comes shipped with the certificate), having a quality charger is yet one more piece of protection in your “safety arsenal.”

Once fully charged, however, you can take the H1 Gemini Hoverboard out for a maximum of 10 miles (~16 km). And that’s if your riding session is one continuous ride with no stops. At just ~18 lbs. (~8 kgs.), it’s no surprise this Hoverboard can take you so far. It is drastically lighter than typical Hoverboards by 2-5 lbs.

Its extreme lightweight makes it a cinch for carrying it whenever you’re in a jam and have maneuverability issues. Luckily, the board has a built-in carrying strap so you don’t have to transport it using your hands (although you can if you want the exercise).

Personally, I don’t know what the difference is between “4.0 Bluetooth” and regular Bluetooth… but 4.0 reeks of “newness,” and the H1 Gemini Hoverboard comes equipped with 4.0 Bluetooth speakers. As is the case with many scooters, you can simply “connect” your smartphone to the board and crank out your favourite jams as you stroll down the block. (Imagine how hilarious it’d be if you saw Meg Ryan riding down the street blaring NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton”.)

The board also has another feature in the bag: the Gemini Genesis app. What this app does (downloadable on app stores) is you can control the mechanics, speed, and ride settings of your board. You can even track and monitor your trip distance, speed and battery life.

Not only that, but each H1 Gemini Hoverboard comes with 2 LED tail lights, making you easily visible should you decide to ride at night. Night riding is a concern for many individuals; Genesis realised this and attached these LED lights so you (and your loved ones) can feel at ease when you’re cruising through town underneath the moon.

One major factor that Genesis implemented to separate their H1 Gemini Hoverboard is using gravity sensors. Whereas other manufacturers design their self-balancing scooters with foot gyro sensors, these sensors sometimes (but not often enough to cause concern) fail, and the board has to be returned for replacement parts. By using gravity sensors, Genesis made a board that’s more sensitive to your foot position than other industry-standard boards.

This safe Hoverboard is an incredible investment, considering it’s $370+ price tag. Although the H1 Gemini is considerably less expensive than other Hoverboards, such as the Skque X1 ($250-450) and Swagtron T6 ($500+), the sale price by no means reflects its quality. It is simply a high-quality, well-functioning board, packed with loads of safety features designed to keep beginning and experienced riders alike, safe to enjoy the world at their feet.

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