Hoverboard Reviews – 15 Best Ones of 2019

If you wonder what’s new and has taken the world by fire-storm in this decade, it’s the much sporty and stylish, Hoverboards. They rule the streets as well as hear

22 Best Electric Skateboard Reviews of 2019

Nobody alive today can deny that Electric Skateboards have conquered the world. It’s not hyperbole in the least to say that, like Segways and...

Top 9 High Speed Electric Skateboards That Cruises Above 20 mph

Nobody can deny that electric skateboards are fun; even more fun are the ones that are fast. Today we’re taking a look at 9 high-speed...

6 Fastest Hoverboards Of All Time

Who does not want to invest in a hoverboard which let them cruise past the passers-by without them noticing. Who does not want to set out on the...

Top 5 High-Speed Electric Skateboards

When it comes to speed, fast is never fast enough (for some speed demons). I personally love taking my ATV out to an abandoned field and letting that baby rip up...

These 4 Hoverboards Are Best for Off-Road Adventures

Are you done with showing off your hoverboarding skills of roads, tracks and shopping malls; and want to level up your skills by taking the board...

Top 3 Hoverboards Recommended for Kids

Kids nowadays, are becoming more tech savvy than any other generation, and rightly so, because they are born in the century which has seen the best...

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