Hoverboard Reviews – 15 Best Ones of 2019

If you wonder what’s new and has taken the world by fire-storm in this decade, it’s the much sporty and stylish, Hoverboards. They rule the streets as well as hear

22 Best Electric Skateboard Reviews of 2019

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Top 9 High Speed Electric Skateboards That Cruises Above 20 mph

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6 Fastest Hoverboards Of All Time

Who does not want to invest in a hoverboard which let them cruise past the passers-by without them noticing. Who does not want to set out on the...

Top 5 High-Speed Electric Skateboards

When it comes to speed, fast is never fast enough (for some speed demons). I personally love taking my ATV out to an abandoned field and letting that baby rip up...

These 4 Hoverboards Are Best for Off-Road Adventures

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Top 3 Hoverboards Recommended for Kids

Kids nowadays, are becoming more tech savvy than any other generation, and rightly so, because they are born in the century which has seen the best...

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Street Saw Hoverboard Review

Street Saw is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. One of the reasons StreetSaw is so highly regarded is because they’re not merely an overseas brand, … Read more

Spadger Review

No high-quality self-balancing scooter in America is released to the public without receiving a UL2272 safety certificate. (In fact, most manufacturers and marketing teams use … Read more

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In this day an age, self-balancing scooters are almost synonymous with “time-saving.” In so many words, they’re a blast to ride and can take you where you need to … Read more